Pick a template… answer a few questions… project created. Never copy-paste or start from scratch again.

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How does it work?

A Khaos template is just a directory of files filled with mustache template tags. Creating one takes less than a minute. Here’s a simple node.js template, with a package.json and a

  "name": "{{name}}",
  "description": "{{description}}",
  "license": "{{license}}",
  "repository": "{{repository}}",
  "dependencies": {}
# {{titlecase name}}


## Installation

    $ npm install {{name}}

Khaos will simply ask you to fill in the blanks…

$ khaos node my-project

            name: ware
     description: Easily create your own middleware layer.
         license: MIT
      repository: git://

That’s it! You’re new my-project directory is made with all of your answers filled in, and you’re ready to start hacking.

  "name": "ware",
  "description": "Easily create your own middleware layer.",
  "license": "MIT",
  "repository": "git://",
  "dependencies": {}
# Ware

Easily create your own middleware layer.

## Installation

    $ npm install ware